Thursday, May 23

AI set to transform construction industry – Fox Business

  • DigiBuild, a supply chain and building material software company, has been using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to improve efficiency and cut costs for months.
  • DigiBuild CEO, Robert Salvador, says the AI tool has revolutionized the construction industry and will be “market changing.”
  • DigiBuild is the first to introduce ChatGPT into the construction supply chain.
  • The company has an exclusive Slack channel with OpenAI.
  • With the help of ChatGPT, DigiBuild has reduced the time it takes to find suppliers and communicate with them from hours to seconds.
  • The new technology has saved one of DigiBuild’s clients more than half of the cost of a project.
  • The CEO expects AI technology to become widely adopted in the industry.

AI set to transform construction industry  Fox Business

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