Wednesday, July 17

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OpenAI is not currently training GPT-5

OpenAI is not currently training GPT-5

Summary: OpenAI is not currently developing a fifth version of its Generative Pre-trained Transformer model (GPT-5). Instead, OpenAI is focusing on enhancing the capabilities of GPT-4, which is estimated to have around one trillion parameters. GPT-4 has been shown to perform significantly better than its predecessor, GPT-3, on tasks such as a simulated law bar exam. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman supports the idea of ensuring AI models are safe and aligned with human values but believes that the open letter urging a pause on training AI models larger than GPT-4 lacked technical nuance. Altman acknowledges that there are safety issues with GPT-4 and that OpenAI is working to address them. Source: The post OpenAI is not currently training GPT-5 appeared first on AI News.
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