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AI Top News Weekly Summary – 5/12/2023
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AI Top News Weekly Summary – 5/12/2023

The Top 5 AI News Summaries From This Week Play AI-powered drug discovery platform raises $100 million in fundingSummary: Atomwise, an AI-driven drug discovery platform, has raised $100 million in a Series C funding round. The company uses AI to analyze millions of potential drug compounds, significantly speeding up the drug discovery process. The funds will be used to expand Atomwise's platform and advance its pipeline of AI-discovered drug candidates.Source: AI system helps diagnose rare diseases in record timeSummary: Researchers have developed an AI system that can diagnose rare diseases more quickly and accurately than ever before. The system, called DeepGestalt, uses facia...
How artificial intelligence is transforming Hollywood

How artificial intelligence is transforming Hollywood Summary: Artificial intelligence is transforming Hollywood by being used for visual effects and CGI in the film industry. Companies like Deep Voodoo and Wonder Dynamics have created technology that allows for precise facial and body capture, leading to the possibility of digital doubles for actors or even the revival of deceased movie stars. Moreover, Wonder Dynamics is making premium visual effects more affordable and accessible with its AI technology. While concerns about unauthorized use of actors’ likenesses persist and the Screen Actors Guild seeks to expand protections, actors themselves are optimistic about the technology as a means to create more opportunities for them in filmmaking.
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