Saturday, May 18

Google will test a more AI-enhanced search next month


  • Google is set to test a more AI-enhanced search engine next month to counter Bing’s increasing adoption.
  • Microsoft enhanced Bing with OpenAI’s GPT, setting off alarm bells at Google due to the risks it poses to its core search and advertising business.
  • Google has been working on its own AI-powered features for its search engine under a project codenamed Magi.
  • Ads will continue to be shown in search results generated by Magi, which will focus on improving Google’s existing search engine features with AI capabilities.
  • A team of about 160 engineers is working on tweaking and testing the latest versions of the tool.
  • Google is planning a public release of the tool next month in a limited capacity, with one million people accessing the project’s features in the first batch.
  • Microsoft’s investment in AI research and development through OpenAI has given it an edge in developing AI products, which Google is now seeking to compete with.
  • Project Magi will be seen as an opportunity for Google to get back on its feet and prove it hasn’t fallen behind Microsoft.

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