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AI Top News Weekly Summary – 5/19/2023

AI News Weekly Summary 5 19 23

1. Google I/O event took place last week.

2. ChatGPT announced the rollout of web browsing and plugins to all ChatGPT plus users.

3. Users need to turn on beta features to access web browsing and plugins.

4. Chat GPT’s web browsing feature is slow and has multiple failures.

5. Wolfram plugin is one of the coolest plugins and can do complex calculations and pull up real-time data.

6. Senate hearing about AI regulation took place last week.

7. The creators of AI technology are urging the government to regulate them.

8. AI has the potential to impact jobs, manipulate elections, and raise ethical concerns.

ChatGPT announced the rollout of web browsing and plugins, including the ability to search the web, to all Chat GPT plus users. Users can access a range of plugins, including the Wolfram plugin that can perform complex calculations and provide real-time data. The Senate hearing on AI regulation featuring Sam Altman, Gary Marcus, and Christina Montgomery from IBM was the highlight of the week. The hearing discussed the impact of AI on jobs, the potential for AI to manipulate elections, and the need for government regulation. The creators of AI technology called for government intervention to mitigate the risks of increasingly powerful models and to adopt a Precision regulation approach to AI. While AI is expected to have a significant impact on jobs, it will create new opportunities that will be much better as our quality of life raises. The discussion also highlighted the need to prevent AI from manipulating elections. The creators of AI technology believe that people are able to adapt quickly to AI technology and understand its limitations.

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